Advanced Course in Allergy and Immunology

Date and location:

December 10 – December 12, 2016
Renaissance Chicago Downtown Hotel| Chicago, IL

Description of the event:

My Canadian Pharmacy invites you to take part in the advanced course devoted to “Allergy and Immunology: New Horizons”

The increase in the prevalence of allergic diseases throughout the world in recent years has become a significant problem in modern healthcare. Despite the achieved achievements in understanding the causes and mechanisms of the development of allergic inflammation, the real clinical practice of providing medical care to patients with allergic diseases requires improving approaches to diagnosis and treatment. Currently, there is a large choice of both diagnostic and therapeutic methods for managing a patient with an allergic pathology, however, the place of each of them requires an individual approach.

A meeting will be devoted to solving the problem of diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in patients with allergic diseases.

A discussion of the following aspects is planned to be included in the program of the meeting:

  • epidemiology of allergic diseases in the USA and Canada;
  • modern technologies for the diagnosis of allergic diseases;
  • prospects for the treatment of allergic diseases;
  • prevention of allergic diseases.

A wide range of doctors of various specialties (pediatricians, general practitioners, infectious disease specialists, immunologists, allergologists, family doctors, public health organizers, etc.) is invited to participate in the conference.

Registration Fees:

Role Amount
Fellow Member $1000
Associate Member $1000
International Member $1000
NP/PA Member $1000
Allied Health Member $1000
Resident Member $400
Non-Member Physician $2000
Non-Member NP/PA $2000
Non-Member Allied Health $2000
Non-Member Resident $800
Industry Representative $2000

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