Clinical Care Statements

It would seem, why is the advice of an otolaryngologist needed when your nose, throat and ears are in perfect order? So, they are needed precisely so that the order in the ENT organs is maintained as long as possible. Hygienic care of the nasal cavity and outer ear is just as necessary as hygienic care of the oral cavity or hands. Here are the steps described by the AAOA to make a habit:

  • To maintain the physiological (healthy) state of the nasal mucosa, good work of the ciliated epithelium lining all the paranasal sinuses and the nasal cavity from the inside, you need … moisture! We create it by applying metered sprays of isotonic saline solutions 2-4 times a day. The composition of these solutions based on seawater is close to the composition of the liquid part of blood, extra- and intracellular fluid, and therefore does not injure cells. If the room is constantly very dry air, you should think about a humidifier or air washer – it will be easier for the nose to breathe, and it will be more difficult for harmful viruses, microbes and allergens to overcome the protective barrier of the nasal mucosa;
  • To cleanse the delicate skin of the ear canal and auricle, in order to avoid the formation of sulfur plugs, doctors advise you to stop using cotton swabs. Let’s leave them alone, and turn our eyes to the world’s best solvent for pollution … warm water! It is enough to rinse the auricles with your own finger every time you take a shower, and about once every two weeks you will also deal with the ear canal. To do this, you need pharmacy products for ear hygiene and two small lumps of cotton wool: put 8-20 drops (sparingly) in the right ear, tilting your head to the left, hold for 3-10 minutes (you can cover it with a cotton swab) and repeat the procedure with the left ear. Taking out the cotton wool, you will see how much earwax and dust adhered to it was in your ear, and you will understand whether you need to clean your ears more often or less often;
  • A very useful procedure for the throat is a shower on the tonsils. Sounds like that! But in fact, everything is simple: at least once a day, gargle with mineral water at room temperature. If you don’t know how to rinse yet – drink a few sips (30-50 ml) of mineral water or use seawater irrigation.

Useful habits for every day from the AAOA will help you feel good and less likely to see an Ear-Throat-Nose doctor.

Be healthy!