About Us

My Canadian Pharmacy is an online drugstore with 20 years of successful experience in the global pharmaceutical market.

Do not waste your precious time searching for the necessary drug in city pharmacies. Our online store gives you a unique opportunity to buy the necessary medicines without leaving your home! Make an order online Рit is convenient, reliable, inexpensive!

The most affordable medicines

Here you not only get information about the necessary medicines and medical supplies. You can purchase them at a convenient time and order courier delivery in Canada and across the globe. And at the same time, you save not only time but also money.

We offer our customers a wide range of products from trusted pharmaceutical companies. You will be able to purchase them quickly and at a reasonable price.

We regularly offer discounts and coupon codes that allow ordering drugs at the minimum possible price and save even more.

The convenience of working with us

  • high-quality medicinal products from reliable companies;
  • a large range of drugs (brand-name and generic), dietary supplements, children’s products, etc
  • professional advice on drugs via online chat or phone.

Cooperation with the largest wholesale suppliers allows for avoiding counterfeit medicines. Large suppliers guarantee a wide range, reasonable prices, and a high level of service.

Ordering drugs online

Although the database of our online pharmacy contains a huge number of rare and common meds used in the treatment of various conditions, our customers can quickly find the products they need. To do this, you can use the search bar, which is located on the main page. It is very convenient. With its help, you can quikly:

  • find the desired drugs and find out their price;
  • order drugs in one click;
  • find out whether a prescription is needed for a certain drug;
  • find cheaper analogs with the same active component.

So, to find the medication, you need to enter the name of the drug in the search bar and click on the “Find” button. The system will instantly give you the up-to-date information.


Canadian Pharmacy is known for its professionalism and competence, they can always consult their customers. Here you will meet attentive and competent professionals, friendly people. The company employs only certified pharmacists and cares about their professional growth. Many of them who came here immediately after graduation managed to gain experience, improve their qualifications and achieved career growth in the best online pharmacy.

The company conducts training sessions. Our specialists visit pharmaceutical companies, where they get acquainted with the newest products.


We strive to increase the range of medicines in our pharmacy, in particular, rare, specific drugs. Sometimes these are the products that cannot be purchased in your local drugstore. We see our task in drug quality control as well as in the training of specialists who can provide consulting services online.
The network of the pharmacy is fully computerized. The advantage of the automated control system is the accounting of goods by series and lots, which allows automatic tracking of the history of any goods. All products are being tested on admission to the pharmacy.

Hassle-free experience

If you are embarrassed to buy any product in the local drugstore, then the purchase through My Canadian Pharmacy is the best option since we guarantee the confidentiality of all orders.

You can also get advice from a qualified specialist if you are not sure which drug you need. It’s sometimes so embarrassing to discuss delicate health problems with a stranger, but here you can feel 100% comfortable! We always care about our customers and try to make sure that you are satisfied!

We are always open to dialogue with our customers. Therefore, if you have questions, wishes and suggestions regarding our work, you can always send them to us using a contact form.

Make a bargain with our online pharmacy and be healthy!

Need help? Contact our customer support center at info@aaoaf.org