AAOA Foundation Overview

AAOA Foundation Mission

The AAOA Foundation seeks to advance allergy research and knowledge for the treatment of otolaryngic conditions.

AAOA Foundation Research Philosophy

  • Improve patient care through AAOA Foundation-sponsored research
AAOA Foundation Research Goals
  • Conduct scientifically rigorous research
  • Mobilize AAOA members
  • Mobilize academic programs
  • Reduce barriers to research participation and success

The AAOA Foundation is committed to supporting research—both basic and translational—aimed at improving patient care. Our funding is available to any investigator who wishes to advance knowledge within the field of otolaryngic allergy. Research goals should align with our scope of knowledge.

The AAOA also strives to identify collaborative opportunities with otolaryngology training programs to help residents understand the role of allergy diagnosis and management within otolaryngology and to develop an interest in improving current diagnostic and therapeutic options to improve patient care.

Research Funding Cycle
The AAOA Foundation reviews research proposals two (2) times a year and determines priority of research needs for the immediate and future cycles. Grant recipients are expected to present their results at an AAOA meeting and submit the resulting manuscript to the AAOA's journal, International Forum of Allergy & Rhinology (IFAR).

There are two proposal deadlines each year:
-April 1st  (award notification on June 1)
-October 1st (award notification on December 1)

Submission Instructions
See the AAOA Foundation's Application Guidelines tab for complete instructions.  You will need to submit your proposal using the AAOA Foundation's online portal.  Once you have started a submission, you will not be able to save and exit.  Please make sure to have your complete proposal ready before you begin the submission process.  

Click here to submit a proposal

For more information about research grants, contact Matt Smith at 202-955-5010 ext. 300; or via e-mail at membership@aaoaf.org.

Posted on 5/22/2017 12:00:00 AM