AAOA Leadership Commenting On Allergy Treatment

AAOA's leadership is constantly being called upon to provide input and answer questions about otolaryngology and the treatment of allergic patients. Here are some recent examples: 

President-Elect, Steven Houser, MD, was featured on a local news broadcast commenting on the new allergy tablets and the role they will play in treating allergic patients. Click here to watch the video.

Immediate Past President, Sandra Lin, MD, answered questions about the benefits of sublingual immunotherapy in a Johns Hopkins Medicine YouTube clip. Click here to watch the video.

Board Member-at-Large, William Reisacher, MD, spoke with NY1 about how a brutal 2014 winter could impact the spring allergy season. Click here to watch the video (the video is only available to Time Warner subscribers but Dr. Reisacher's comments are available below the video spot).

Board Member-at-Large, Christine Franzese, MD, appeared on a local news broadcast to discuss the application and benefits of sublingual allergy drops (click here to watch the video) and also discussed the elements of balloon sinuplasty on a Bons Secours YouTube clip (click here to watch the video).

Posted on 10/9/2014 12:00:00 AM