Two Websites of One Online Store – My Canadian Pharmacy

My Canadian Pharmacy is a well-known company brand name. It was established more than two decades ago. This brand is used on different websites. They all offer generic medications produced by Indian pharmaceutical companies. They all guarantee 100% quality of service and delivery. But let’s understand what’s the catch?

We will compare two websites which are working under one brand. In general, you will see there is a slight difference between these domains. Let’s start!What Online Pharmacy Domain to Choose_

My Canadian Pharmacy at

This domain was created not long ago. It has already gained popularity among customers of this online service. They empathize on the following goals:

  • to comply with the demands and wishes of customers;
  • to guarantee products’ affordability;
  • to ensure quality control of drugs.

The distinctive feature of this company is a wide assortment and international delivery. This company uses 2 delivery options: regular and express. Regular delivery requires 14-21 business days to bring the parcel. Express courier delivery requires 5-9 business days for delivery. There is delivery insurance. If something wrong happens with the parcel they can guarantee you a refund or reshipment free of charge.

This online company has more than 300 items in the assortment. The preparations are subdivided into different categories. For example, medications for blood pressure are placed in the corresponding category. This website also offers an alphabetic search and search bar. You may visit the website and find out what drug categories they have.

One more useful option offered is a blog. This blog includes articles devoted to different medical and pharmaceutical subjects. For example, there are articles describing men’s health issues. If you are interested in the medical aspects of our lives, send this company a message. The operator will leave your request to the copywriting team.

As a result, this domain has almost no disadvantages. The reviews confirm they bring parcels on time. The quality of products is good. They perform their duties at the highest level. Once you have problems of technical character, for example, you are welcome to address customer care department over the email. They process your inquiry as fast as possible.

My Canadian Pharmacy at

This domain has appeared earlier in comparison with the previous one. This department of the online pharmacy has enriched its scope of delivery. They bring parcels even to the most remote corners of our globe. One more attractive feature is that they do not increase delivery fees. You are welcome to visit site of this store.

This pharmacy is engaged in generics’ sale. Everything you have is to make an order online. You are not required to visit a doctor. You won’t be asked any documents confirming your identity or legal prescriptions.

The ordering procedure is simple. It is necessary to choose the product you need for the treatment, put it into a shopping cart, proceed to checkout and submit an order. All the personal data are protected by SSL-protocol.

The delivery coincides with The same options are offered: regular and express. You have to spend the same time for the parcel to come. They also offer a refund or reshipment in the case your parcels are damaged, missed or lost during transportation. Contact the customer care department over the email. The waiting response time is 24-48 hours. will provide you with medications for the treatment of either slight cold or severe diagnosis. You may be sure of the products’ quality allowed for sale. They are all approved by Indian FDA.

This domain also provides access to medical news and blog. It is comprised of articles devoted to different medical issues. These issues are described by employees with corresponding education. They graduate from medical schools where they got an intermediate level of knowledge in this sphere.

This company’ staff is professional, young, innovative, highly-skilled, trained. This company has conducted different conferences and webinars. The level of their employees is constantly improved. You may count on them, their knowledge and assistance. Pharmacists may conduct online consultations. The only aspect is that My Canadian Pharmacy is not a drug manufacturer. This company is a vendor replenishing its stock with medications produced by well-known companies. If you come across with poor quality of medications you are welcome to address the manufacturer directly. They should bear responsibility for health damages.

Conclusion: Which Department to Choose?

Finally, we can’t define what company better to choose. They both deserve you become a client of. We compose a table of important issues related to these two departments of My Canadian Pharmacy. It is up to every customer to decide what service to opt.

Comparison points
Assortment more than 300 items from different drugs’ categories more than 300 items from different drugs’ categories
Delivery options Regular Airmail, Express Courier System Regular Airmail, Express Courier System
Waiting period
  • regular: 14-21 business days;
  • express: 5-9 business days.
  • regular: 14-21 business days;
  • express: 5-9 business days.
Delivery fees fixed fixed
Delivery insurance YES YES
Payment options Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Divers’ Club, Discover Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Divers’ Club, Discover, ACH
Security a 128-bit key, the certificate is verified by Let’s Encrypt a 128-bit key, the certificate is verified by Sectigo Limited
Damaged or lost parcels Refund, reshipment Refund, reshipment
Manufacturer or vendor? Vendor Vendor
Healthcare Canadian Pharmacy, online pharmacy

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